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#7: Very long time, No Come across = Ohisashiburi Desu ???????

#7: Very long time, No Come across = Ohisashiburi Desu ???????

  • Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu ????????????? (so much more formal)
  • Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ?????????? (formal)
  • Dozo yoroshiku ??????? (reduced official)
  • Yoroshiku ???? (casual)


Dozo is actually noticable doh-zoh. Make sure you increase the initial “oh” voice sometime (you can find this has brand new range over it to suggest this).

Yoroshiku is even pronounced very just: yoh-roh-shee-koo. Remember that the fresh new “r” sound into the Japanese is extremely distinct from the English “roentgen.” It’s similar to a combination ranging from a keen “r,” “l,” and you may “d” (similar to just how North americans pronounce the “d” sound in “ladder” and/or “t” sound in “better”).


  • It is a chance-so you’re able to terms to own Japanese someone, because it fits many kinds regarding products. It is a sincere (and you will expected) cure for give thanks to anyone in advance and to target some body you keeps just met (“Sweet in order to meet your”).
  • It is prominent to state this statement when you’re bowing (formal) otherwise giving a head nod and you may a smile (faster formal), particularly when appointment people the very first time.

The fresh welcome ohisashiburi desu ??????? is best translated because the “Long time, no look for!” It’s also translated since “It’s been a while.” This is the terms make use of once you have not seen some body from inside the very long; you can’t put it to use whenever fulfilling someone for the first time.

There are different methods to say it terminology according to quantity of foregone conclusion you want to have fun with. Ohisashiburi desu ‘s the formal adaptation. not, you might reduce it so you can hisashiburi ???? whether your state was relaxed (elizabeth.grams., you will be conversing with a friend or relative).


Ohisashiburi desu is pronounced oh-hee-sah-shee-boo-ree-dess. Continue reading