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They started past in the 10 p

They started past in the 10 p

Santa came to visit the Hair Enthusiasts early this year. With almost a month to go, our Christmas present- Gina- showed up at the studio. Gina is 23 years old, and ready for a BIG HAIRCUT.

m. The phone rang- it was Gina claiming she is in a position getting a huge haircut. By this day, she got invested a little while for the HAIRCUT.Net and decided to go “All the way” to a bald direct.

I spoke for a time, and you will told you we might chat once again am

By 1 p.m. she was in the studio, minutes from having her head shaved. With amazing grace and enthusiasm, Gina became a “BALD CHICK” who is ready to go out and show off her new haircut to the world!!

I spoke for a time, and said we could possibly chat once again are

We are happy to report that Gina LOVES her new haircut, and we hope you all love it as well.

NOW SHOWING- Cassandra takes up the scissors and gets to work cutting off her hair- SHNIKK SHNIKK SHNIKK- BEST SELF CUT EVER!! With each giant SHNIKK Cassandra smiles and drops the hair to the floor. She chops off her hair with great confidence and enthusiasm. Is Cassandra one of us? In minutes, this HOT BRUNETTE BOMBSHELL becomes a SMOOTH N’ SEXY BALD BEAUTY on the subscription site.

“I am so happy Used to do that it” she states, smiling about reflect within freshly shaved bald lady for the the new echo.

LEFT- Our very own better hr? Glucose Pie’s favourite design previously is Charity. Sugar Cake requires Charity regarding A lot of time Blonde Tresses To Bald Beauty. Today Proving- 90 Moment REMAKE away from Charity’s Headshave!! Digital video disc 17 REMAKE (Along with Shamas’ haircut) Today Exhibiting Toward Station step 1 toward sandwich webpages.

Cassandra’s Headshave Video is NOW SHOWING on the sub site!! Continue reading