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But most of all I must thank the staff for giving and my autistic sister a whole better relationship. We really bonded over the show and we put the lessons to heart, now with my older sister now pregnant and the child on its way I hope to spread pony to the next generation. Then I found a certain hippogriff named Silver Quill and the quality if his videos led me to giving the show a chance. I absolutely loved it, the show reminded me of cartoons I watched as a child and the animation was quality work, the characters I started to fall for one by one and the songs I play regularly to myself.

  • Had I known that the episode was the greatest thing that could have happened to me at the time, I would not have been so ashamed.
  • I’m really thankful that Ashleigh Ball is filling her voice.
  • I just want to say thanks a lot to all the people over the years who have worked to make Ponies what it is.
  • He ended up enjoying it too, and it became a way for us to spend time together.

I may never be able to express the feelings that so deliciously thrilled me as I lifted her, the beautiful darling of my life, to her seat in the saddle, and quickly mounting, followed her lead. Had it been into the gaping jaws of death itself, I should have pressed on eagerly after. I hurriedly brought out the horses and asking Jake to hold them for me, I ran up to my little cuddy to array myself in my best–my very best attire It was my habit as well as duty to be always cleanly in my person and tidy in my dress. It was no idle threat the mistress had once made, that each fleck of dirt found on the linen of one of the house negroes, was to be whipped off with the cowhide. The order was no reluctantly obeyed command to me, but a luxury and I always was cleanly as well as tastefully dressed.

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Gather and arrange your grooming tools in a convenient, safe place. A wide bucket may be cheapest and easiest to put your brushes in, although there are lots of grooming boxes on the market that keep your tools organized and handy. The only thing I found the first year was giving it to be a problem. At first I just popped it in a handful of chaff, then he stopped eating it. We progressed through various other ways of giving it. Carrots, apples, parsnips, various feeds and all lasted a while before he’d start refusing.

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Originally trained by her husband, Jorge Rosales, Cracker Jack is a stylish palomino pony that would stop anyone’s heart on Christmas morning with a luscious flaxen mane and Hollywood movie looks. Kubinova said that she can’t wait to see Emile’s reactions. When Applejack admits she and the other ponies love Discord the way he is, he holds up a sign which says “Applejack just said she loves me! My life is now complete. Don’t cry now…” Fluttershy’s, Rainbow Dash’s and Rarity’s attempt to dissuade the construction workers from cutting down the forest by making a protest around one of the trees along with two Strawman hippies — complete with “flower power” banners and everything. They are just grabbed onto the scoop of a bulldozer and thrown away.

I was waving my luxuriously gloved hands in protest, but at the sound of her pre-emptory voice, I obeyed her. “Oh yes, Phoebe, I do! I do love it. Kiss my titties, they are so sore from your tortures. Put your pretty mouth on my poor nipples,” I begged my maid pathetically, enjoying the desperate sound in my own voice. “I don’t see how I am going to find time to punish you for your carelessness about your feet, Denise,” she said. “Take care that after luncheon I never see you again without exquisite boots on your feet.”

Soon the ladies put on their cloaks and went away. I was left in the little sitting room, standing in the corner, sobbing bitterly while Miss. Priscilla, sat at the bureau where she could watch every movement that I made.

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